Here is the living room in the appartment

In the living room are:
  • a sideboard,
  • 2 display units/cupboards,
  • a dining table with 6 chairs ,
  • a sofa bed (sleeping area 1.5m x 2m) .

In the sideboard are 3 draws above and 3 compartments below with doors. In the left draw is the cutlery.
In the middle draw other kitchen utensils ie: large knives, peeler, bottle opener and cork opener.
In the right hand draw are the operating instructions for the various devices in the appartment and a telephone book.
In the compartments are cutlery for 12 people, various size bowls and a salad drier.
In the left hand display unit are various glasses and 12 Mokka-coffee cups.
Underneath is a TV on an adjustable platform, to enable turning and moving in the horizontal plane. The programmes are received via satellite to a plug on the wall.
In the right hand cupboard are areas for storage of smaller items and there is also a HI-FI system with radio, cassette and CD player.

On the wall next to the entrance door is the sofa bed. The dining table stands between the windows and the sofa. When you open the 2 sliding doors you can go out onto the 6.5 m square balcony.
On the balcony is an oval table with 6 plastic chairs. Lent on the wall is a clothes hanger.

© Wilfried Kloh-Berger