The Holiday Appartment in Oberstaufen, Bavaria  F

The appartment is in the center of Oberstaufen, close to the pedestrian zone. You don't have to walk far to reach the shops and restaurants, as well as the massage centers, doctors and dialysis centers (for the visitors to Oberstaufen for health reasons). The appartment is also idealy situated for summer and winter sports; walking, swimming, sailing, tennis, golf, downhill and cross-country skiing.
A lot of the walking routes are easy to reach without the car. To the nearest skiing route and to Aquaria water world is only 7 minutes walk away. Outdoor and indoor tennis courts can be reached in a couple of minutes in the car.
In the evenings you have a wide choice of restaurants, bars and discos to choose from.

Da wir Partner von Oberstaufen Plus sind, können unsere Gäste pro Übernachtung einen Tag kostenfrei diese Dienste in Anspruch nehmen.

Ebenfalls kostenfrei kann in unserer Ferienwohnung das Internet per WLan genutzt werden.

Hier haben Sie einen Blick vom Garten auf die Terrasse.

Die Ferienwohnung ist eine 2 1/2 Zimmerwohnung mit 43 m².

Below is the ground plan of the appartment. You can click on the rooms to get some more detailed information.

Ground plan of the appartment

There is a cellar that belongs to the appartment where you can store your baggage, skiies, ski-shoes etc.. In the cellar you'll find the cushions for the garden chairs, 2 sunloungers, a sun shade, a grill, an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner, a broom and other cleaning items. In another cellar room there's also a washing machine for your use.

Here you can see where the appartment is located.

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