The Holiday Appartment in Hendaye (Biscaya)  

Our holiday appartment is in Hendaye on the French Atlantic Coast. Hendaye has 2 miles of sandy beach and lies on the boarder river, Bidassoa, between France and Spain. The appartment itself lies between the yacht-port and the wide beach as you can see on the photo. From the port there's a ferry connection to the Spanish town of Fuenterrabia on the far side of the river. Bild der Küste

The appartment is on the left side of the house with the green balkony, on the second floor. The photo was taken from the yacht-port promenade in the direction of the appartment complex called 'Residenz Port Hendaye'.

Below is the ground plan of the appartment. You can click on the rooms to get some more detailed information.

Ground plan of the appartment

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© Wilfried Kloh-Berger